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Hi. My name is Tyler,
and I have a question.

How about a NOT-TO-DO list?

If one more person tells me to have, or not to have a to-do list I’m going to throw up. I just can’t take it– I sincerely believe all this advise is crap. We all know what works for you might not work for me and the magic is in finding what works best FOR YOU. I know what to-do almost of the time, and honestly I gotta write shit down so, for me, it’s essential… have my lists and I’m not giving them up.  I’ve perfected them based on all this swirling advice… for example I now make the list, then I do everything that takes under 2 minutes right then, immediately.  With all the left overs, I prioritize depending on my mood– often it’s most profitable to least profitable…..  or even more often, I pick what I hate most and force myself to do it first, putting what I LOVE doing at the bottom of the list… a reward for plowing thru the crap.

I came across this great concept recently, creating a NOT TO DO list…. and it resonated with me in a big way.  Some stuff on this guys NOT TO DO list:

  • Sleeping in. I am positive the only people who change the world get up early.  well, mostly.
  • Skipping work out.  I am seriously a better human if I’ve exercised.  It makes everything better.
  • not meditating.  I am so crazy, my spiritual practice is essential to my everything…
  • not taking time to be alone with myself everyday, even for 10 minutes:  I crave headspace.
  • saying yes to projects that divert me from my core focus : I have so many interests, it’s hard for me to keep the focus.  Bright, shiny, yep…
  • hanging around time sucking negative people who just can’t see the glass half full : seriously, I gotta dump them, but it’s hard, so many people fit the bill.
  • FACEBOOK– I’m seriously about to limit myself to like 2 views a day, no more than like 2 minutes each. OMG.
  • Mindlessly surfing the web, reading todays headlines over and over again, distracting myself with irrelevance.

It’s a work in progress but you get the idea—  I believe making a conscious choice about what we shouldn’t do, what doesn’t serve us, allows us to focus on what does.

What works for you?  


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