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Hi. My name is Tyler,
and I have a question.

What are the benefits of adversity?


More specifically, what are the ways that you effectively bring out people’s humanity in the face of economic adversity? 


Art Golden said: “Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are”.  I think Art’s got it right.  I had a call from a media guy who asked me what I see in the markets, how do I see people managing the adversity that this economic struggle has created.

I took the opportunity head on:


“Tyler, we know housing has been one of the worst hit segments of our economy…..  tell us what you’re seeing in your business these days, how has the market effected people in the last few years…?”


I see creativity beyond anything we would have ever imagined. Although the solution comes out of pain, I see the coolest ideas.

I see people working together and figuring things out.

I see parents finally having to sit down with their kids to tell the truth and get rid of illusion.

I see people realizing value in new ways. It’s not the new SUV or the next vacation—it’s healthy food and a safe space and a roof.

Everyday I sit with someone and change their perspective—help them see the hope in what they do and have rather than focus on what they’re losing.

People learn how so much of what they thought mattered doesn’t matter at all.

I see people re-thinking how they work, spend time, organize their lives.

I see families and friends pitching in and working with a cooperative spirit.

I see changes in the industry that are long overdue.

I see a nation learning from the past and trying to right the future.

I see wild contracts where people are helping each other and placing trust in one another to make deals happen.

I see core values re-surfacing that are desperately needed for these times.

And I think this market—these conditions—are exactly what we needed. People are struggling and losing money. Values have come down. That’s real.

However, people still have homes… Most homes actually aren’t in foreclosure. We are selling homes every single day—some with recovering and healthy profits.

Values are actually stable and homes are selling for realistic values.

Getting a home has become a reality for countless people who never thought they could achieve this dream.

People are moving—literally moving and they are moving ideas and relationships and their behavior.

I think when things change, the best in people has the opportunity to emerge and my job is to root for them and show them what’s possible.


“Really? That’s not exactly the story we were looking for— can you talk more about…..”


“sorry man, If you want to propagate what’s wrong versus what’s right, I’m not your source”



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