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Hi. My name is Tyler,
and I have a question.

dig deep: what matters most in 2014?

You know what I’ve discovered after so many years of helping people figure out what they want in life and business?

We all lie.

I know, it’s a harsh statement, but the truth is I’ve said what I WANT a thousand times, but don’t do the work— I don’t buck up and chop wood, carry water to reach my goals.

I lie to myself and anyone I proclaim my goals to if I don’t clearly define what it’s going to take and then do the f’ing work.

However– I don’t believe that’s our intention– I’m of the opinion that our real problem is that we don’t get sincerely clear about what we REALLY want for our businesses and for our lives…  and if we did, we’d be true to ourselves and our world.

One of my favorite humans Mel Robbins ( who happens to be a business GENIUS! ) sums up what we need to do…. WATCH THIS:


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