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Hi. My name is Tyler,
and I have a story.

Happiness sells.

The people I find myself around are all up to something…something that is outside of comfortable, more than they even dreamed possible.

They are building things, creating things, innovating and serving the world in the coolest ways.

I observe that it’s often the people who serve in a business setting that are insanely effective.  I like insanely effective people because I find they are often he happiest and doing the most good in the world, the two most important things in my life.

I am constantly awed by the power of a conscious company– when an entire organization can represent core values and deep held commitments, when they experience amazing profit and success as a RESULT of behavior that’s  noble and intentional, when they recognize that kindness and people’s personal joy matters most.

My mission is clear:  to integrate spirit @ work and prove that without a doubt, anything is possible if built on a foundation of kindness, nobility, doing good and authentic happiness.  basically, to prove happiness sells.

My challenge is big:  100 Million Americans are dissatisfied with their lives….  and I believe until we as individuals find sustainable happiness the rest of our efforts are a waste.

My noble business partner and friend introduced me to Mel Robbins this morning and I was overwhelmed at realizing that my belief is not singular– that many people agree and want to join the movement to create sustainable happiness as a foundation for everything.

If you agree even a little, or if you desire it for yourself but haven’t yet achieved it ( the data says 1 in 3 are seeking! ) then You’ve got to watch this:


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